2 + 4 persons, 80.0 m²
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47 km south of Jyväskylä, L.Päijänne/Vanhaselkä 30 m, shallow, hard sandy bottom, own boat. Two-storey log cottage 1992, living room/ kitchen, upstairs bedroom 2 beds, alcove expandable bed, lobby bed/sofa, washroom, sauna (both wood burning and electric stove), open porch and balcony.


Electric light, electric stove, electric fridge-freezer, electric heating, storage fireplace/heater, hot/cold water, shower, toilet, microwave oven, television, radio, vcr, roofed grill


Helsinki 250 km, railway station 23 km, bus 7 km, snow mobile route 10 km, restaurant 11 km, shop 7 km, neighbour 50 m, ski resort 16 km, Himos 16 km, spa 50 km, ski lif 16 km


Steep slope from cottage to shore, with steps. Shore area is more level, shore with grill, table and chairs, and jetty. Swimming beach suitable for children.

5 km from Himos downhill ski centre by 'ice road, 16 km by ordinary road. Himosgolf 16 km. Horse riding opportunities 7 km. Out board motor for hire.


Price 565 - 969 € week, Weekend 262 - 629 €
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Additional services for making your stay easier

Linen (14.13 € / pieces)
Final Cleaning (86.27 € / pieces)

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  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Pets allowed
  • No smoking

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Päivi V Rental period: Heinäkuu 2015 Submitted: 22.07.2015
Kiva ja siisti mökki lapsiperheen lomailuun. Hyvä ranta lapsille. Hyvät kalastusmahdollisuudet.

Marja K Rental period: Heinäkuu 2015 Submitted: 18.07.2015
Siisti tilava mökki. Rauhallinen sijainti ja ihana Päijänne maisema.

Esa M Rental period: Kesäkuu 2015 Submitted: 04.07.2015
Kiva mökki. Iso järvi.