Kalpalinna - Ski Resort

Kalpalinna or Calpis Cross Center, is a traditional and historic ski resort located in the municipality of Janakkala in Häme. It's a place where you can enjoy retro-style activities as the equipment that is is currently in use is from the 80's, so that you can enjoy a retrospective time travel experience. The Cross center is in an excellent location, with Turku, Tampere and Lahti being about an hour's drive away. 

Today Kalpalinna has a strong focus on three different areas of expertise: the Calpis Ski Center is a ski resort in winter; Calpis Cross Center, offering  country skiing opportunities; and the Calpis Caravan Center, which provides basic service for caravan parking throughout the year. There are also a ski school, restaurant and other services, such as snowmobiling. 7

Come and visit Calpis Center!

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