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Accommodation information.

  • 2 + 2 persons , 30.0 m²
  • Smoking not allowed
  • Pet allowed

345 km north from Rovaniemi and 14 km north from Inari, Lake Muddusjärvi/Pitkävuono-fjord 30 m, island cottage in a big Syrminiemi island, boat trip 200 m, shallow and hard bottom, own rowing boat and a boat with 5 hp outboard motor (client has to bring petrol). Length of the lake is 20 km, width of Pitkävuono-fjord is about 200 m on that point where the cabin is located. In summer time rowing trip across the fjord 200m.
Log cabin, built in 1977 and fully renovated in 2015, living room with sofa bed, kitchenette, alcove with bunk for 2 persons, sauna in the same building (wood heated sauna stove with a water tank), covered porch. Sauna water has to be fetched from the lake. Drinking water from the spring (100 m) or client brings it with him. Spring water is not examined yearly, so boiling the water before use is recommended. Sink in the kitchenette. Lighting with gaslight, oil lamps and candles. Heating By wood stove and fireplace. Campfire site in the yard.


  • Gas lamp lighting
  • Heating with wood-heated stove
  • Heat-storing fireplace
  • No waterpipe: water must be carried from the lake or well
  • You need to bring own drinking water
  • No shower
  • Wood-heated sauna
  • Outhouse
  • LPG stove
  • Cave in the earth as cold storage
  • Radio
  • Not electrified cottage
  • Single cottage
  • Wilderness cottage
  • Cottage on the island


  • Nearest lake/sea/river 30 m
  • Bus stop 1.5 km
  • Helsinki 1165 km
  • Neighbours 100 m
  • Boat trip to island 200 m
  • Shop 14 km
  • Restaurant 14 km


WILDERNESS CABIN: Facilities in wilderness cabins are often more modest than in holiday cottages. Cabin is not preheated before customer’s arrival. Cabin should be cleaned by the customer during the holiday and after that. Due to long distances maintenance doesn’t check the cabin after all customers. If the cabin is not cleaned or there are deficiencies, please contact the caretaker immediately on arrival by calling. Please, remember to bring your own bed linen and towels (can not be rented).
This cabin requires outdoor attitude and skills (how to make fire, for example). If you’re not sure, please consider another option. Water is not examined yearly so boiling the drinking water before use is recommended.

Wilderness cabin in an island and by the big lake which is rich in fish. The lake is also named Mutusjärvi and Muttusjärvi. Ideal for people who like to fish, hunt and pick berries. Possibility for fishing and hunting in own area (130 hectare). There are trout, arctic char and whitefish in the ponds. 2 lean-tos by the ponds. Fishing licenses for 5 fishing nets and nets are included in the rent, extensive fishing waters in lake Muddusjärvi. Boat ramps to Lake Muddusjärvi are located in Sikovuono-fjord 4 km and Hyljelahti-bay 5 km. Lure fishing in Lake Mutusjärvi with fishing management fee ( Recreational fishing areas nearby ( Inarin Erämaa 1564, Inarin retkeilyalue 1579, Lake Inarijärvi 1580 and River Juutuanjoki 1578. River Juutuanjoki is about 10 km distance from the cabin. It is famous as one of our most respected fly fishing destinations, with a reputation based on a particularly large trout rising from Lake Inari.
River Juutua is also excellent for catching grayling.

State owned land's hunting areas 1607 Kaamanen and 1608 Muotkatunturi, which is also well-known and traditional area for willow grouse hunting.

Muotkatunturi Wilderness area (,;no marked trails, only suitable for experienced hikers) and Otsmotunturi fell hiking areas ( and nature paths nerby. Paths and road bases are suitable also for mountain baiking.

Services in Inari centre 14 km (for example 2 groceries, gas-station, restaurants, souvenir shops and shops for traditional crafts, equipment rental), Northern Lapland Nature Centre and Sámi Museum Siida 14 km, Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos 14 km, Kaamanen village 17 km.
Inari held in a variety of events, for example. Ijahis Idja Music Festival in August. During the summer months there are cruises from the Inari village harbor to Lake Inari's Ukonsaari Island.

Cabin is availabe from June till end of October and for weeks 9-16.

Please notice, passage to the cabin: The last 700 m by car along small road is rocky and bumpy and requires an experienced driver and a car with high ground clearance. Otherwise car park is about 1 km distance from the cabin, by the main road. Also during winter/snow time car park in 1 km distance from the cabin and rest of the journey by skis or snowshoes. Possibility to rent a snowmobile, client needs to bring own fuel. Off-road traffic permit can be purchased from Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida in Inari, from Metsähallitus Ivalo customer service or from web (

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Price 431 € week, weekend from 186 €

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  • Bed linen(15,00 € /pieces)
  • Final Cleaning(225,00 € /pieces)


Rating given by customers 3.7. Based on 21 reviews.
100% of customers would recommend this destination.
Customer feedback:14
Janne M, Syyskuu 2018 Translate

Mökki aijoi asiansa hyvin. Kylmäsäilytys hieman hankalaa, mutta siihenkin kai on tulossa muutos uuden kellarin myötä. Pienellä mökin ympäristön siistimisellä lisääntyisi viihtyvyys huomattavasti. Erittäin hyvä perämoottori veneessä. Sijainti mukava jos ajoittainen autojen ääni ei haittaa. Mutusjärvi on erittäin hieno järvi. Suosittelen.

Antti P, Syyskuu 2018 Translate

Hyvä tukikohta kalastukseen. Kannattaa tuoda omat verkot jos verkkokalastus kiinnostaa. Kylmäsäilytystä varten kannattaa tuoda kylmälaukullinen jäämurskaa esim. Inarin kalasatamasta.

Juho L, Elokuu 2018 Translate

Tilavat, hyvin rakennetut rakennukset, iso järvi

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