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This renovated log cabin is situated on the shore of pond Uramolampi (distance 30 m), approx. 2 km south of lake Ruunaanjärvi. Cabin has two bedrooms (other with 2 beds and other with 2 bunk beds and 1 single bed) and kitchen, separate lakeside sauna. Electricity, wood heating, stoves and iron stoves, coffee maker, 2 fridgerators, drinking water from the caretaker. Jetty, site for an open fire, smoking oven, rowing boats and life jackets at pond Uramolampi and lake Ruunaanjärvi.


  • Electric lighting
  • Heating with wood-heated stove
  • No fireplace
  • No waterpipe: water must be carried from the lake or well
  • You need to bring own drinking water
  • No shower
  • Wood-heated sauna
  • Outhouse
  • Electric hob and oven
  • Fridge
  • Single cottage
  • Wilderness cottage
  • Beach low and hard


  • Ski track 12 km
  • Nearest lake/sea/river 30 m
  • Helsinki 550 km
  • Shop 43 km
  • National park 30 km
  • Snowmobile route 1 Km
  • Bus stop 37 km
  • Neighbours 1 km
  • Restaurant 43 km


WILDERNESS CABIN: Facilities in wilderness cabins are often more modest than in holiday cottages. Cabin is not preheated before customer’s arrival. Cabin should be cleaned by the customer during the holiday and after that. Due to long distances maintenance doesn’t check the cabin after all customers. If the cabin is not cleaned or there are deficiencies, please contact the caretaker immediately on arrival by calling. Please, remember to bring your own bed linen and towels (can not be rented). This cabin requires outdoor attitude and skills (how to make fire, for example). If you’re not sure, please consider another option. Water is not examined yearly so boiling the drinking water before use is recommended. Lake Ruunaanjärvi, stock of fish: perch, pike, pike perch, lavaret and vendace. Trekking trail of Karhunpolku within 2 km. In Ruunaa recreational area (12 km) also possibilities for fishing in the rapids, canoeing and shooting of the rapids. During the winter also snowmobile driving, the closest snowmobile track within 1 km in Hatunkylä. Patvinsuo national park 30 km. Cabin can be reached by car during the summer and winter.


Weekprice 647 - 788€, Weekend price 229 - 438

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Star rating given by customers 3.6 (based on 51 reviews)

98% of customers would recommend this destination.

Customer feedback: 38

  • Tapani L, Lokakuu 2021

    Hyvä tukikohta metsästykseen isommallekkin porukalle! Saunan kiuas alkaa vetää viimesiään, palanut osittain puhki. Syksyn viikko vuokra noussut liian korkeaksi, mökin tasoon nähden.

  • Marko M, Lokakuu 2021

  • Leevi R, Lokakuu 2021

    Siisti ja rauhallinen paikka Viime käynnistä keittiö remontoitu sekä homeen hajua ei enään ole.Jos jotain negatiivista palautetta niin poltinpuut huonoimmasta päästä.muuten ok

Cottage location and nearby cottages

63°33209"N, 30°65503"E
Itkiinpohjantie 78, 81650 Lieksa