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Southwest Finland and Satakunta

The southwest corner of Finland is a treasure for tourists, where you can find an eye-catching archipelago landscapes, modern city life, rural peace and excellent services. The area's holiday village and rental cottage possibilities offer a vide range of choices.

Satakunta invites you to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, whether you want a holiday with a family, a romantic trip or a fun holiday whilst enjoing your favorite hobbies and activities. The regional center is the city of Pori, which is widely known for its international jazz music festival. There is also a Satakunta historical museum, Pori Art Museum in Pori. The Yuteri Beach is located 17 kilometres out of the city center, which is a six-kilometre-long beach, one of the largest in the Baltic sea. The region is also famous for its unique village with a townscape at the Island of Reposaari. Old Rauma - the wooden town center of the town of Rauma, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a unique place of interest in Sarakunta. 
There are plenty of holiday cabins avaliable at the region, for example along the Kokenäjoki River. 


Rosala, KemiönsaariVarsinais-Suomi

Star rating given by customers 4.5 (Based on 2 reviews)

4 + 2 persons, 90m2
2 bedrooms


SOMERNIEMI, SomeroVarsinais-Suomi

Star rating given by customers 3.3 (Based on 30 reviews)

4 + 1 persons, 75m2
2 bedrooms



Star rating given by customers 4.4 (Based on 23 reviews)

1 + 1 persons, 30m2