Ylläs is Finland's largest ski resort, situated at the north of the country, beyond the Arctic Circle. It is one of the oldest resorts in Finland, opened in 1930. Ylläs offers 60 high-quality slopes of  different levels of complexity, suitable both for beginners and professional skiers. There are more than 300 km of cross-country skiing tracks at the resort, 38 km of which have lighting, and more than 410 km of tracks for snowmobiles.

The impressive size of Ylläs resort includes two towns - Akaslompolo and Ylläsjärvi - which are situated on the opposite sides of the mountain. From the side of Akaslompolo the resort is called Ylläs Ski, from the side of Ylläsjärvi - Sport Resort Ylläs. There are hundreds of activities avaliable here: snowmobile safaris, deer and husky safaris, Santa Claus programs, cross-country skiing and much more. There are restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes, SPA salon open.

The resort can be reached by plane, to Kittilä or Rovaniemi, by train to Kolari or Rovaniemi railway stations, or by car. Also, there is an opportunity to reach the resort by train with your own car. Details can be found on the Finnish Railways webpage - vr.fi.

Holidays at Ylläs

At the ski resort of Ylläs there are more than 1000 cottages avaliable, most of which can be found on our website. We can offer you a variety of options for accommodation: comfortable houses with sauna, log cabins in the woods, luxury villas, small houses with fireplace and apartments in high-rise buildings right next to the slopes.

Super Skipass

The resort has a new service - a super skipass. This lift ticket operates at 4 ski resorts nearby: Ylläs, Levi, Pallas and Olos.

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