Lapland, together with the region of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu, is a wide known winter vacation destination. There are enough things to see and experience in any season, and a wide range of Lomarengas holiday cottages are available there all year round.

Finnish Lapland offers a lot to see and to do all year round, but especially popular the destination becomes during the winter season. The so-called "Tunturi-Lapland" has retained it's position as a great winter tourist destination especially for skiers, as during the winter season there is a lot of snow in Lapland and the weather is best for any kind of winter activities. The most nothersn ski resorts are situated here: Hetta, Pallas, Olos and Saariselkä, plus Levi and Ylläs - the largest resorts of the region. Rovaniemi - the capital of the region - is also a home for a finnish Santa Claus - Joulupukki. Therefore it is advisable for the tourists to book the rental cabins beforehand, so that the best cottage avaliable will be there to choose.

Lapland is not just a winter destination - due to its wide area and unique nature, the region has many things to see and do in the summer and autumn seasons. During the summer, there are a number of activities, like hiking, visiting national parks, fishing etc. to experience whilst enjoing the magnificient nature. The towns of Kolari, Kittilä, Pelkosenniemi and Rovaniemi offer a a variety of services and activities.

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