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This old log cabin is located on an impressive spot on a cliff, on the shore of pond Teerilampi, in Teerilampi recreational fishing area. The Seitseminen National Park is nearby. Cabin has one room with 3 bunk beds, 2 single beds and kitchenette. Large lakeside sauna also has room with fireplace and porch. Bath water must be carried from the pond or from the well. Please notice that large sauna needs longer time for heating (about 2 hours) and provides a nice, smooth and relaxed bathing. Woodshed and place for open fire on the yard. Earth pit, drinking water from water well (boiling is recommended). Jetty (please, use the stairs to get into water, don't jump from the jetty). Usage of boat is forbidden. Please note that during "Angling day", fishing event for children and young people, there is an annual ban on fishing in the area, eg from 10th to 12th June 2021 until 3 pm (more information: Due to the Finnish Flying Championship qualifying competition, a ban on fishing on September 19, 2021 from 0.00 to 19.00.


  • Candle lighting
  • Heating with wood-heated stove
  • No fireplace
  • No waterpipe: water must be carried from the lake or well
  • Drinking water from well
  • No shower
  • Wood-heated sauna
  • Outhouse
  • wood-burning stove & Liquid gas hob (no oven)
  • Cave in the earth as cold storage
  • Not electrified cottage
  • Single cottage
  • Wilderness cottage


  • Ski track 5 km
  • Bus stop 13 km
  • Neighbours 3 km
  • Restaurant 30 km
  • Nearest lake/sea/river 10 m
  • Helsinki 250 km
  • Shop 10 km
  • National park 5 km


WILDERNESS CABIN: Facilities in wilderness cabins are often more modest than in holiday cottages. Cabin is not preheated before customer’s arrival. Cabin should be cleaned by the customer during the holiday and after that. Due to long distances maintenance doesn’t check the cabin after all customers. If the cabin is not cleaned or there are deficiencies, please contact the caretaker immediately on arrival by calling. Please, remember to bring your own bed linen and towels (can not be rented). This cabin requires outdoor attitude and skills (how to make fire, for example). If you’re not sure, please consider another option. Water is not examined yearly so boiling the drinking water before use is recommended. Distances: Länsi-Aure 13 km, Parkano 27 km, Kuru 25 km, Parkano railway station 34 km, Tampere 80 km. Cabin is suitable for fishermen, outdoor-minded families and groups. The pond is popular among fishermen. Fishermen move on the shore of pond Teerilampi. A special fishing license is required, and it can be bought from Seitseminen Visitor Centre. The cabin can be reached by car during summer and winter. More information:


Weekprice 731 - 826€, Weekend price 257 - 499

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  • Jukka T, Syyskuu 2021

    Mökki ja sauna loistavia. Ympäristö ei ehkä ihan niin erämainen. Parkanon eli pohjoisen junarata kolmen kilometrin päässä ja sen kuulee, jopa mökin sisälle.

  • Jussi S, Syyskuu 2021

    Sauna oli mielestämme ihan loistava. Mökki olisi hyvä, jos sen saisi sisältä jollain kalkkimaalilla valkaistua, sisältä se on aika pimeää. Olisi myös hyvä merkata kalamiesten kiertopolku riittävän selkeästi, jotta väki ei tulisi haahuilemaan mökin ja sauna pihapiiriin kieräessään paikkaa. Ne merkit ovat selkeitä,...See more

  • Kati K, Elokuu 2021

    Mökki on yksinkertainen, mutta tarpeisiimme toimiva. Maastonmuotoja on käytetty ällistyttävän hyvin hyödyksi toimintoja suunniteltaessa.

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61°8997"N, 23°2939"E
Teerilammentie 501, 39450 Ikaalinen