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10629, VATUNKI AND POKKA (22m², 35m²)


  • 2 + 6 persons, 35 m²
  • Pets allowed
  • Smoking not allowed

Star rating given by customers 3.4. Based on 25 reviews.

Accommodation information

This complex includes two log cabins (total area 57 m²) side by side. The cabins are located by clean Pond Ahveninen surrounded by outstanding scenery of protected areas and old forests. Cabin VATUNKI 22 m²: livingroom with single bed and sofa bed, loft with 2 mattresses. Fireplace. Smokesauna can be reserved from owner. Cabin POKKA 35 m²: downstairs sofa bed, upstairs 3 sofa beds. Wood heated sauna, washroom, shower and indoor toilet (indoor toilet requires manual flushing by pouring water from bucket into the toilet-seat). Both cabins have: gas fridge and -cooker, wood cooker and oven, solar panel lights/candle lights. Water comes from the pond and is not examined every year, so boiling the drinking water is recommended or customer can bring drinking water. Otdoor fire place with roof, tepee, lean-to shelter. Distance to shore 10 m, sandy bottom, rowing boat and dock. Outdoor toilet. Garden is in natural state.


  • Electric lighting with solar panel
  • Heating with wood-heated stove
  • Heat-storing fireplace
  • Water pipe
  • You need to bring own drinking water
  • Shower
  • Wood-heated sauna
  • Toilet in the washroom
  • Dry toilet in a separate building
  • Liquid gas hob (no oven)
  • LPG fridge
  • CD-player
  • Not electrified cottage
  • Single cottage


  • Snowmobile route 1 Km
  • Bus stop 1.9 km
  • Shop 10 km
  • National park 26 km
  • Beach 10 m
  • Neighbours 1.5 km
  • Restaurant 10 km

More information

Cottage in situated in the protected area Natura, one goes partly through this area when going to the cabin. Varkaus 10 km, airport 20 km, Pieksämäki (railway station) 30 km, Vattuvuori ski center 15 km, spa Kuntoranta (Varkaus) 13 km, spa Vesileppis 22 km, Kartanogolf Joroinen 20 km, Kolovesi National park 26 km, riding stables at Varkaus ab. 8 km. The area is private and perfect for people who love nature activities e.g. fishing, hunting, hiking, picking berries and mushrooms. Canoeing, skiing and horse riding are also available in a short distance. The owner rents out at extra cost: bikes, fishing tackles, canoes, snowshoes, bed linen, final cleaning. Erahuolto tel. +358 50 559 8145. This cabin requires outdoor attitude and skills (how to make fire, for example). If you’re not sure, please consider another option. Cabin can be reached by car. No neighbour.


Weekprice 726 - 696€, Weekend price 274

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Star rating given by customers 3.4 (based on 25 reviews)

96% of customers would recommend this destination.

Customer feedback: 22

  • Ari H, Marraskuu 2022

  • Jyrki H, Lokakuu 2022

    Mökki hyvällä sijainnilla, omassa rauhassa metsän keskellä pienen järven rannalla. Nukkumapaikkoja taisi olla peräti kahdeksalle. Mökiltä löytyy myös grillipaikkoja useampikin ja soutuvene, sekä pelastusliivejä. Mökissä sisällä puuliesi, kaasuliesi ja lämminvesivaraaja, josta sai lämmintä pesuvettä. Juomavesi...See more

  • Tero A, Heinäkuu 2022

    Rauhallinen ja vaatimaton mökki kauniin järven rannalla metsän siimeksessä. Sopii hyvin yksinkertaista elämää kaipaavalle.

Cottage location and nearby cottages

62°30515"N, 27°67495"E
Ahvenisentie 615, 78850 Joroinen