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10484, AUTTI 2


  • 2 + 1 persons, 15 m²
  • Pets allowed
  • Smoking not allowed

Star rating given by customers 4.2. Based on 94 reviews.

Accommodation information

Wilderness Cabin Autti 2 is small and idyllic cabin made from heavy logs, situated in peaceful place by beautiful lake Auttijärvi, distance 150 m (steep and rugged path on the slope to the lake). Lake view from the cabin and from the yard. Steep slope from cabin to the lake shore. Shore is not good for swimming and there is no pier. Small living room with bunk bed and single bed, table and chairs for 4 persons and wood-fired oven for heating. Small kitchen corner in the vestibule. Wood heated sauna in separate building (about 30 m). Separate outdoor toilet - woodshed -building. No cold storage for food, household water fetched from source next to the sauna building, drinking water has to be brought along. Gas cooktop for cooking, heating with wood-fired oven. Rowing boat by shore Auttijärvi, fishing licences for five nets (Lake Auttijärvi) is included for the rent. Auttijärvi is known for its vandace, white fish, perch and trout. In autumn time the hunting licences (for additional cost) for Posio common forest hunting grounds (small game and bear hunting). Distance to cabin Autti 1 is 200 m and there is no vision from one to another.


  • Candle lighting
  • Heating with wood-heated stove
  • No fireplace
  • No waterpipe: water must be carried from the lake or well
  • You need to bring own drinking water
  • No shower
  • Wood-heated sauna
  • Outhouse
  • Liquid gas hob (no oven)
  • Not electrified cottage
  • Single cottage
  • Wilderness cabin


  • Neighbours 200 m

    More information

    In the cabin environment there is an excellent opportunity for example hunting, berry picking and outdoor activities. Auttiköngäs Falls 6 km, Korouoma Nature reserve and canyon 10 km, Auttin Kestikievari cafe-restaurant 12 km. 47 km to Posio centre and 88 km to Rovaniemi. This cabin requires outdoor attitude and skills (how to make fire, for example). Drinking water is not examined yearly, therefore boiling of the water before usage is recommended. Possibility to snowmobiling in Posio common forest owned land's routes (have to buy a license). Connection from the cabin to the Rovaniemi-Posio -snowmobile route. Cabin can not be reached by car in winter, distance approx. 1,2 km. In summer cabin can be reached by car.


    Weekprice 276 - 389€, Weekend price 102 - 143

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    Star rating given by customers 4.2 (based on 94 reviews)

    100% of customers would recommend this destination.

    Customer feedback: 83

    • Mikko T, Huhtikuu 2024

      Oikein mukava mökki rauhallisella paikalla.

    • Tuukka K, Maaliskuu 2024

      Positiivinen yllätys. Hienolla paikalla, jyrkkä rinne vieressä. Varustelu oli paljon odotettua parempi. Olimme moottorikelkoilla ja opasteet mökille olivat erittäin selkeät. Posion yhteismetsän maksulliset ajomaastot vieressä. Ehdottomasti voin mennä uudestaan.

    • Sari L, Tammikuu 2024

      Olimme viettämässä uutta vuotta koirien kanssa omassa rauhassa. Mökistä löytyi kaikki tarvittava ja oli siisti. Lämpöä riitti, kun piti pientä tulta kamiinassa, vaikka oli jopa -32 pakkasta. Saunassa oli ihanat kosteat löylyt. Mukava pieni mökki. Sari ja Markku

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    66°2466"N, 27°3137"E