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Old loggers cabin, which is located right on a sandy beach of Lake Yli-Soppananjärvi on the east side of Lake Simojärvi. The cabin contains of kitchen and two bedrooms with two bunkbeds in each. Wood stove and fireplace, ground cellar under the kitchen floor. Water from well. Sauna is in the same building. The beach is sandy and very good for swimming, rowing boat. Please note: This cabin requires outdoor attitude and skills (how to make fire, for example). Drinking water is not examined yearly, therefore boiling of the water before usage is recommended.


  • Candle lighting
  • Heating with wood-heated stove
  • Heat-storing fireplace
  • No waterpipe: water must be carried from the lake or well
  • Drinking water from well
  • No shower
  • Wood-heated sauna
  • Outhouse
  • LPG stove
  • Cellar
  • Not electrified cottage
  • Single cottage
  • Wilderness cottage
  • Beach low and hard


  • Nearest lake/sea/river 30 m
  • Bus stop 28 km
  • Shop 52 km
  • Beach 30 m
  • Neighbours 4 km
  • Restaurant 52 km


WILDERNESS CABIN: Facilities in wilderness cabins are often more modest than in holiday cottages. Cabin is not preheated before customer’s arrival. Cabin should be cleaned by the customer during the holiday and after that. Due to long distances maintenance doesn’t check the cabin after all customers. If the cabin is not cleaned or there are deficiencies, please contact the caretaker immediately on arrival by calling. Please, remember to bring your own bed linen and towels (can not be rented). This cabin requires outdoor attitude and skills (how to make fire, for example). If you’re not sure, please consider another option. Water is not examined yearly so boiling the drinking water before use is recommended. Cabin is accessible by car in summer. In winters the parking place is in 100 m. Campfire site on the yard, smoker box. Distances: Ranua 65 km (etc Ranua Wildlife Park), nearest shop 52 km is in Vanttauskoski village (Rovaniemi). Lake Yli-Soppananjärvi is a cleared watered and sand bottomed lake, which has lavaret, pike, perch and trout. The forests in the surrounding area are mainly old pine and mixed forests. Close by is the Soppana recreational area with sites for an open fires and shelters, marked walking trails to lake Simojärvi and Korouoma. Distance to the public campfire site is 800 m. Good places in the neighbourhood for trout fishing and cloudberry picking. More information:


Weekprice 621 - 707€, Weekend price 220 - 438

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  • Petri R, Heinäkuu 2022

    Loistavasti hoidettu rauhallinen kohde, jossa kaikki tarpeellinen. Sähköttömyys on omanlaista luksusta, joka helpottaa arjesta irtautumisessa. Pääsimme todellakin työasioista irti.

  • Arja K, Heinäkuu 2022

  • Elina K, Heinäkuu 2022

    Jos erämökin tasoinen varustelu ei ole ongelma, niin paikka on kultaa. Ollaan oltu kaveriporukalla Rosamossa kolmena kesänä viikko. Paikassa on erämaista tunnelmaa ja luonto on läsnä kaikkialla. Ruoka säilyy hyvin keittiln lattian alla olevassa kylmä kolossa kun jättää esim. Helposti pilaantuvat lihat pois. Ruoka...See more

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66°09741"N, 27°31439"E
Teerivaarantie, 97665 Ranua