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This original and genuine log-built logging cabin was constructed in the 1930’s. The cabin is located by the river Haukkajoki, in the municipality of Ruovesi. Cabin has combined living room/kitchen with 5 bunk beds and small bedroom with 2 beds. Stove for heating, wood stove in kitchen, gas stove, water well, site for an open fire in the yard. No cold storage. Riverside sauna, wood shed and site for campfire. No boat.


  • Candle lighting
  • Heating with wood-heated stove
  • No fireplace
  • No waterpipe: water must be carried from the lake or well
  • Drinking water from well
  • No shower
  • Wood-heated sauna
  • Outhouse
  • Wood-burning stove
  • Not electrified cottage
  • Single cottage
  • Wilderness cottage


  • Nearest lake/sea/river 10 m
  • Bus stop 30 km
  • Neighbours 3 km
  • Restaurant 20 km
  • Beach 1 km
  • Helsinki 260 km
  • Shop 20 km
  • National park 3 km


WILDERNESS CABIN: Facilities in wilderness cabins are often more modest than in holiday cottages. Cabin is not preheated before customer’s arrival. Cabin should be cleaned by the customer during the holiday and after that. Due to long distances maintenance doesn’t check the cabin after all customers. If the cabin is not cleaned or there are deficiencies, please contact the caretaker immediately on arrival by calling. Please, remember to bring your own bed linen and towels (can not be rented). This cabin requires outdoor attitude and skills (how to make fire, for example). If you’re not sure, please consider another option. Water is not examined yearly so boiling the drinking water before use is recommended. The cabin can be reached by car during the summer. During snowy season car park 200 m form the cabin. Available for rent: Mid-April - early December. The National Park of Helvetinjärvi is only 3 km away, Helvetinkolu Gorge 10 km. The atmosphere of the past logging culture can be sensed in the cabin. This simple cabin is especially suitable for outdoor-minded groups who want to travel back in time and experience the spirit of the past. Distances: Vaskivesi (shop) 20 km, Ruovesi (e.g. restaurant, gas station) 20 km, Parkano 60 km, Tampere 70 km. Good trekking-, berry picking – and mushroom picking terrain. There is a path through the yard (which other hikers and canoeists use). River Haukkajoki has a 20 km long canoeing route. Good swimming facilities in lake Haukkajärvi (3 km) and Heinälahti (1 km). River is moderate to swim. More information:


Weekprice 645 - 956€, Weekend price 300 - 580

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  • Katariina O, Toukokuu 2022

    Mökki vastasi hyvin kuvausta ja oli varusteiltaan,tiloiltaan ja siisteydeltään erittäin hyvä. Uunien lämmittämisessä oli alkuun vaikeuksia, kun hormi ei meinannut lähteä vetämään, mutta siitäkin selvittiin. Erityiskiitos siisteistä ja raikkaista petivaatteista. Myös kaikki muu tarpeellinen välineistö löytyi ja oli kunnossa.

  • Miia J, Heinäkuu 2021

    Tunnelmallinen eräkämppä, jonka upealöylyinen rantasauna on kauniilla paikalla ihan pienen joen rannassa.

  • Kyösti H, Marraskuu 2021

    Vallan mainio ja tilava mökki. Sauna karu, mutta ajoi erinomaisesti asiansa. Lämmintäkin riitti, kun vaan aluksi malttoi rauhassa lämmittää. Sähköttömyys ehdoton valtti - ei ole valosaastetta!

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62°0204"N, 23°7716"E
Haukkajoentie 1460, 34600 Ruovesi