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Specialty! Spacious wilderness cabin located on privately owned land inside Kevo Nature Park. Completely in its own peace, surrounded by the stunning scenery of the nature park. Wild Kevo offers great facilities for fishing on the river Kevo. Activities like bird observing, climbing, kayaking, nature excursions, and cross-country skiing are also available in the area. There is no road connection to the cabin. In summer, the owner will arrange a boat transport across the lake and will guide you to the destination. On the island side, there is a 2,5 km walk along the path. In winter, the owner will arrange a snowmobile and sleigh based transport to the destination. Transports are included in the prices. 20 km south from the Utsjoki municipality center, by the lake Geärddosjärvi. 35 m to the beach along the sloping terrain, stairs on the way, deep beach, hard bottom, small rowing boat, length of the lake is 800 m. Distance to the river Kevo 200 m. There is also a small rowing boat available on Madjoklompolo, on the river Kevo a rowing canoe and on the lake Kevojärvi, customers have a motorboat (high edges) with 10 hp outboard. The log cabin has 2 rooms, Esan tupa and Sepon tupa (shared entrance) and a sauna. The cabin inbuilt in 2010. There is a wood-burning sauna stove and cauldron for heating up water in the sauna. There is a summer-use water supply in the cabin’s yard, you can get washing water to the sauna from there. In winter, the owner brings water by sled to the yard. Esan tupa: bunk bed (lower bed is 120 cm wide) and sofa bed. 2 mattresses in the loft. Sepon tupa: double bed (width 120 cm) and sofa bed, plus 2 mattresses in the loft. Large open terrace with handsome lake view. Summer kitchen and fish gutting table. Spacious ice cellar, it stays cold throughout the summer. Outdoor toilet. There is a solar electricity based fridge and lights in the cabin. Both rooms have LPG-operated stoves, heating is based on wood stoves. The water to the summer water supply comes from a fell stream. In addition, a well 200 m. Water is not tested every year, so we recommend that you boil water before drinking it.


  • Bed linen and towels included in the price
  • Final cleaning included in the price
  • Electric lighting with solar panel
  • Stove
  • Drinking water from a water spring
  • No shower
  • Wood-heated sauna
  • Outhouse
  • Liquid gas hob (no oven)
  • Campfire & Summer kitchen
  • Single cottage
  • Rowing boat


  • Nearest lake/sea/river 35 m
  • Helsinki 1070 km
  • Shop 22 km
  • Bus stop 4 km
  • Neighbours 1.2 km
  • Restaurant 22 km


Wild Kevo is a wonderful base for fishing and nature trips by the river Kevojoki. There are 8 km in total of private owned land along the river Kevojoki. Privately owned lands continue 5,5 km upstream from the cabin. Between the privately owned lands, there is a nature park area which can be used by fishermen (fishing permit required). Please note, that movement in the nature park is prohibited during the period when the soil is not freeze. Movement is only allowed on the scenically very beautiful Kevo hiking trail through the park. The length of the route is 63 km. In winter, you can go skiing in the park. This destination is an ideal base for winter hikes (by skis) to the nature park. Lake Geärddosjärvi has an interesting geological birth history. You can get more information about it from the cabin owner. Fishing: There are several near-located salmon fishing spots nearby on river Kevojoki, as well as spots for catching graylings. Lake Geärddosjärvi has perch, Arctic char and trout. You can check good fishing spots from the map created by the owner. Ice fishing is allowed in lake Geärddosjärvi, Pikku Kevojärvi and Madjoklompolo. You can get fishing permits for Kevojoki from the owner. In addition, a fisheries management fee must be paid. NOTE! Salmon fishing is prohibited in river Tana during summer 2021. Fishing of other fish species is still allowed. Hunting: Hunting is prohibited in the area of river Kevojoki. Permits for small game hunting (only willow grouse of birds) located further, see destinations 1602 Paistunturi and 1603 Kaldoaivi ( 2 kayaks can be rented from the owner. A good canoeing route from lake Kevojärvi to laKe Mantojärvi, for example. Canoe transports from the owner. Shop, restaurants and fuel sales in Utsjoki 20 km. Sámi bridge and border crossing point to Norway 20 km. Church historical destination Vanhat kirkkotuvat 15 km. Starting point of the Kevo hiking trail 10 km. Bed linen are delivered pre-made.


Weekprice 1659 - 1615€, Weekend price 921

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Included in the price

  • Bed linen and towels 8 pieces
  • Final Cleaning

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    69°73419"N, 26°96457"E
    Geärddosjärvi, Kevo, 99980 Kevo