Pirkanmaa, Kanta-Häme and Päijät-Häme

Häme, also known as Tavastia, is a historical province in the south of Finland. Tavastia attracts a large number of tourists who are interested in the history of the Middle Ages and in rich nature of the region. You can visit the Castle Tavastgus with it's restored historic interior, walk through the ancient halls like the real inhabitants of the fortress in the Middle Ages. You can visit Knight tournaments and festivals of the times of the Hakkapeliitt horsemen, the old Narrow-gauge railway and the largest tank museum in Finland - Parola. The West of the region is buried in the greenery of Forssa with magnificent national parks and spectacular forest trails. 

One of the largest towns of the region is Lahti. Cottages in the Lahti region are a pleasure to choose from, there are different cabins avaliable - from simple and small cottages to upscale villas. The Lahti region is a true wonderland for outdoor activities, where you can rejuvenate in the most beautiful lake scenery in southern Finland. The area has several national parks and nature trails, long waterways and varied fitness trails. Lahti is a small city and a great tourist destination for both short and longer stays. 

Pirkanmaa is also known as the Tampere Region, by the name of the largest city in the area - Tampere. There are festivals and events throughout the year at the Tampere region: short film exhibitions, rock, jazz, classical, theater, floral and light festivals - you can find up-to-date information on the Tampere event calendar. The city is known as the "Finnish Theater Capital" and, in addition to the major theaters and the Tampere Theater, there are a lot of small, alternative and fresh theaters and drama groups. Tampere Cathedral is one of the best examples of Finnish National Romantic architecture, Old industrial buildings at Tammerkoski Rapids in the heart of Tampere centre are a great place to take a look at.

There are a lot of wonderful places to visit in Pirkanmaa - St. Olav's Church in Tyrvää, Sastamala, Kangasala is known for its observation towers, there is a museum for traditional peasant culture "Kallenautio" in Juupajoki, a windmill in Windmill Museum in Pälkäne and many others.

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