Pikku-Syöte Ski Resort

Pikku-Syöte is located in Pudasjärvi - one of the most snowy areas of Finland, which makes it a perfect place for a variety of winter activities. The area has developed steadily and provides good quality services and accommodation for tourists. The resort  is a great palace for skiing - the ski center has 9 cross-country ski tracks, 4 main slopes and a children's harbor with 4 anchor lifts. All Pikku-Syöte's slopes are easy ones (blue). There is a 120 km long national park and rest areas at the resort.

In addition to skiing experience, you can also enjoy a lot of other activities, such as: archery, snowshoeing, snowmobile Safaris, rock-climbing, guided mountain bike tours and hikes, canoeing, frisbee golf, reindeer farm visit, huskies visit / dog sledding and trips to Ranua Animal Park

Pikku-Syöte is located in just 1.5 hours drive from Oulu and 750 km away from Helsinki.

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